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4" Stroke Jumbo Rivet Buster. Features a non-ejectable piston and precision ground spool valve. These busters are smaller than their predecessors however, they deliver a heavy blow. Ideal for overhead work under bridges, parking decks and concrete structures. Perfect for driving large nails in timber construction. Comes equipped with 2101, 2103, 2104, 2194 & 2190-2.400 accessories to accept 2000 series jumbo chisels.



Part Number MP-RB41-J-NEP
Handle Style Open (Gooseneck)           
Bore in1-1⁄16"
Impact Rate bpm1650
Air Consumption cfm25
Weight                                       lbs                                            22.6
Length in18-1/4"
Shank Sizein2000 Series Jumbo

Michigan Pneumatic MP-RB41-J-NEP Pneumatic Rivet Buster 4" Stroke

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