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60 LB Class Rock Drill. The high power-to-weight ratio makes this tool an excellent choice for any job you have. Features rifle bar rotation with high impact energy for drilling in hard rock. High penetration rate and blower type air valve provides rapid cleaning of the hole for increased operational efficiency. Sturdy latch type retainer keeps your drill steel locked on track. A great choice for blast hole drilling, maintenance work and mud jacking. Easy drill depths up to 20 feet. Equipped with a latch type retainer.



  • Model: MP-RH658-5L-78414
  • Weight Class: 60 Lbs
  • Chuck: 7/8" x 4-1/4"

Michigan Pneumatic MP-RH658-5L-78414 Rock Drill 60 Lbs

SKU: MP-RH658-5L-78414
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